Solar Energy

  1. A group of energy executives actively involved in solar C&I development in the Middle East and Africa talked at a Solarplaza conference...

  2. Units of the commodities trader Vitol Group and the renewables investment fund Low Carbon Ltd. said they’d invest 250 million pounds ($311 million) to develop energy storage and distributed power-generation projects in the U.K.


  3. The CPP has been a significant source of contention between climate defenders and deniers. President Trump and many in the Republican Congressional majority have targeted these regulations for rescission. The Donald, his cabinet nominees, transition staff and personal staff have all alluded to the significant reductions in federal environmental programs and policies that lie ahead.


  4. Sizable reductions in the cost of solar equipment have created countless opportunities for developers operating in the Middle East and Africa to enter into power purchase agreements with commercial and industrial enterprises and to provide electricity at a lower rate than the local utility.

  5. Japan’s scaling back of a program encouraging residential solar has Panasonic Corp. hopeful the market for home energy storage systems is about to receive a boost.