Discover solar storage battery

Discover Tubular OPzS Solar Storage Battery 

12 volt 3000 watt Deep Cycle battery for Renewable Energy Application's 

MSRP $399.00


 Discover® Tubular Flooded RE Series Batteries provide superior deep cycling performance and reliability for demanding commercial, industrial and residential applications. Discover® Tubular Flooded RE Series Batteries utilize Advanced Tubular Plate Technology to deliver long service life with low maintenance requirements. RE Series Batteries provide reliable energy storage for Stationary Backup and Telecom Networks, Road Surface, and Rail Traffic Signaling Systems, Solar, Wind, and Hybrid Off-grid and Grid-Tie renewable energy applications. Discover® Tubular Flooded RE Series batteries provide maximum efficiency per discharge-charge cycle, and proven reliability in remote, high temperature, or unstable power network installations buy nexium .


Download PDF spec sheet

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