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At Wellspring, we offer batteries with the following options:

Safe zone discharge of 50%

3-day energy reserve autonomy

Average battery life expectancy of 6 years

3-year replacement warranty

Wellspring has sold and serviced all types of battery systems for over 25 years with a combined experience of more than 50 years.  Deploying over a megawatt off energy storage batteries every year in hundreds of systems, we understand that the batteries are the heart of every system, which is why we spend our resources in offering you the best technology with the lowest cost of ownership.

Trojan Battery’s Solar Premium Line of flooded deep-cycle batteries is specifically designed to withstand the rigorous conditions of renewable energy applications.  Our product strategy is focused on one simple objective-manufacture the highest quality battery available in the industry, which is why our Solar Premium Line is tested to IEC standards.

RES SOPzS is an advanced cost efficient solution ideal for energy storage for residential solar installations as well as telecom or other infrastructure systems that demand long cycle life and increased watering intervals.

Enhanced tubular plate technology specially designed for renewable energy applications and SUNLIGHT’s solid experience on industrial batteries produce an exceptional combination of benefits in a single battery.

This Lithium Iron Battery is rated for 2000 Life Cycles at 100% DOD Cycling.  This is a great replacement battery to replace small lead acid battery banks.  These batteries have over 98% charging efficiency.