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RV Solar Systems

Located in the heart of the RV industry, it’s only natural that Wellspring offers some of the best solar system solutions for your RV.  Several of our employees have backgrounds in RV production.  We leverage their experience with our expertise in solar to provide customers with high quality, innovative mobile solar solutions.  Our customers love their mobile solar solutions that allow them to power their RV anywhere the sun is shining.

A large solar system without the proper size battery will not do you full justice.  Also, a large battery with a small or incorrect size solar system will not perform well at all.  The key is to have a good quality battery and then add solar to make it perform and have a good solid life of phenomenal performance.  Let Wellspring equip you to go ‘Where the Grid Can’t Take You!”

Benefits and Success of RV & Mobile Solar

  • Travel/camp without hookup restrictions.
  • Greatly extend battery life.
  • No noisy generator run time.
  • Dry camping is possible and affordable.
  • Maintain battery charge while in storage.

The 3 R’s That Make RV Solar Work

  • The Right Components
  • The Right Size System
  • The Right Installation


Full RV Solar Brochure!

FAQs About RV Solar

Should I tilt my solar panels?

Tilting your solar panels to the optimum angle does increase production, but it is also more expensive to install since you have to use an adjustable mounting system, which costs more than a fixed mounting system.  You also have the safety factor of going up on your roof every time you park to adjust your panels.  Tilting your panels is only recommended if you do a lot of dry camping for long periods of time.

Do I have to clean my solar panels?

Most of the time, the change of weather is enough to keep them clean.  But if you are in a dry, dusty area for long periods of time, it is a good idea to wash them off, as they will  get slight dust buildup on the face of the panels.

How much solar do I need?

The amount of solar needed has a few factors:  1. You are limited by the amount of open roof space you have to place solar panels.  2. You also want to take into consideration the amount of storage batteries you have.  If you have too much solar without enough battery, you will not get the full benefit of your solar.  Most times, you will be more limited in roof space rather than not having enough battery storage.  A good rule of thumb for solar system sizing on an RV is to have a minimum of 25-30 A.H. of battery capacity for every 100 watts of solar.

Are there different types of solar panels?

There are a few different types of solar panels.  We use Grade A top quality monocrystalline solar modules that come with a 25 year production warranty.