Grid-Tied Systems

Investing in your future


What is The Grid? The Grid is an electrical Network made up of power lines, steetlights, and buildings that harness power from an energy source like a dam, nuclear plant, wind turbines, or a combination of the above. The utility company regulates the power and charges you each month to use it. If you're receiving a utility bill, you're connected to the grid.

The Grid-Tie system works in conjuction with your utility to supplement your power needs. During Peak Hours your extra energy produced feeds back to the grid to help reduce the load for the local community. Compensation is provided for the excess power produced during this time through Net Metering or other local plans.

  • No onsite batteries needed.
  • No maintenance required
  • Great return on investment (ROI)
  • Increase the value of your home/property
  • Requires less upfront money
  • Great local and federal tax incentives
  • If the grid goes down, so does your power.
  • You are not completely independent from the grid.

Off-Grid Systems

Go Where The Grid Can't Take You

Wellspring is a leader in the solar energy market offering the latest in off-grid solar system technology with over 20 years of experience in the renewable energy field. We have been providing off-grid solar energy systems and components since our inception and have designed and installed complete off-grid systems every year. From remote cabins to off-grid agricultural applications, we leverage our experience to create the right system to meet your needs.

Some considerations to make when choosing an Off-Grid System is that the upfront costs will be more due to the additional components needed to support the system. In order to store the energy produced, you will need to add the appropriate amount of batteries to power your needs for both day and night. You will also be in charge of maintaining your batteries and watching your energy consumption so you do not run out of power.

  • The system is independent of any utility company
  • Increase your land value
  • When the grid goes down, you still have power
  • Customized to meet your needs
  • The cost is more due to batteries and storage solutions.
  • Potential limitation due to the number of panels, inverter size, and storage capacity
  • You must monitor energy consumption
  • You must maintain your system and batteries

RV-Mobile Systems

Mobile Off-Grid Option

Located in the heart of the RV industry, it's only natural that Wellspring offers some of the best solar system solutions for your RV. Several of our employees have backgrounds in RV production. We leverage their experience with our expertise in solar to provide customers with high quality, innovative mobile solar solutions. Our customers love the mobile solar solutions that allow them to power their RV anywhere the sun is shining.

A large solar system without the proper size battery will not do you full justice. Also, a large battery with a small or incorrect size solar system will not perform well at all. The key is to have a good quality battery and then add solar to make it perform and have a good solid life of phenomenal performance. Let Wellspring equip you to go "Where the Grid Can't Take You!"

Hybrid Solar Systems

The Best Of Both Worlds

A Hybrid System (also known as a Grid-Tied with battery backup) allows your system to operate if the power goes out. During a power outage, your grid-tied solar system with the addition of batteries will allow for seamless power usage. This is ideal for those who have critical devices or appliances that need to stay running. Depending on your energy needs, your upfront cost will be increased due to battery storage.

  • Same benefits of the Grid-Tie System
  • When the grid goes down, you still have power
  • Customizable to meet your energy needs
  • Pricing is more due to the batteries and storage solutions

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